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Cutting instructions / options
when ordering a quarter or a side of beef

Here’s a chart for reference


Choices (* indicates our recommendation):

  • How many lbs of hamburger in a package? 1 lbs  or 1.5* lbs or 2 lbs

  • How many lbs of stew meat in a package? 1 lbs or 1.5* lbs or 2 lbs

  • How big do you want your roasts? 3-4 lbs; 4-6 lbs

Rib—choose one of:

  • Rib Steak with bone in _____

  • or Rib Eye Steak*       ______

  • or Rib Roast                ______



  • Round steaks (will be large steak including outer, eye and inner together) ____

  • Round Roasts ____


Or by Specific request: Eye of Round Roast* or steaks_____

Inner Round Roasts ____ or Steaks _____

Outer Round Roasts ____ or Steaks _____



  • T-bone steaks (the T-Bone steak is the tenderloin and new york strips together) ____

  • or Porterhouse steaks (like T-bone but larger piece of tenderloin attached) ____

  • or Tenderloin* (as medallions or as roast) and New York Strip Steaks* _____


Chuck (sometimes called Blade)

 (can do half grind/half steaks or roasts)

  • Chuck Roast   _____

  • or Chuck Steaks _____

  • or Grind for hamburger _____


Cross Rib roasts included



  • Included: sirloin steaks and sirloin tip roasts



  • Included: rump roasts


Other Options:


Short Ribs: yes or no?


Stew Meat: yes or no?


Minute steaks: yes or no?


Soup bones: yes or no?       dog bones: yes or no?


Special requests

  • Organ meats: liver, kidney, heart, tongue (these need to be ordered prior to butchering, so if ordering late may not be guaranteed)

  • Brisket

  • Flank Steak

  • Other cuts you don’t see mentioned here can likely be had by special request.


Other options with additional cost:

  • Fresh Sausage + $1.95/lb (minimum 20 lbs)

  • Smoked Sausage + $2.45/lb (minimum 20 lbs) can choose either pepperoni or garlic sausage; some pork trim will be added in at additional cost as well

  • Jerky + $5.75/lb (will use the eye of round)

  • Hamburger patties + $1.00/lb


We recommend:

  • 1.5 lbs hamburger packages

  • 1.5 lbs stew packages

  • 4-6 lbs roasts (good size for family; if couple or single may want 3-4 lbs)

  • Steaks will come 2 per pack except sirloin will be 1 per pack (it’s larger) unless otherwise requested


Recommended steak cuts (these do not require marinating, just sprinkle a little salt and pepper and throw them on the grill):

•    Tenderloin medallions (or get tenderloin roast)

•    New York strip

•    Rib eye

•    Sirloin

+ Flank Steak, which should be marinated


Recommended Roasts:

•   Eye of round roast, inner and outer rounds as either roasts or steaks

•   Sirloin tip

•   Cross Rib

•   Chuck Roast


Notes re: 1/4 Beef


The butcher charges an extra $12 for splitting a half.


Certain cuts are not available in every quarter because there is only 1 per half:

•   Eye of Round Roast (can be steaks)

•   Tenderloin Roast (can be medallions)

•   Flank steak

•   Brisket

The butcher requires a large order to make jerky, so this is not available for quarters.

Lots of info! Let us know if you have questions or need guidance.

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